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I’m asked this question a lot: "I’m almost 30, am I too old for the fashion industry?" With some client maybe, but answer is NO if you have something unique going on and can put a bump into the industry.

I’ve learned high fashion rules are made to be broken. High fashion is about sex appeal, mood, often controversial appeal and an artist passion, vision, perspective. You have to believe you can pull it off and make a difference. Age doesn’t matter [to me]. There is one person who will say YES! This is always the case!

Research Rick Genest (aka Rico the Zombie or Zombie Boy) and Nicola Formichetti (Gaga’s BFF, Creative Director and Creative Director for Homme Vogue Japan, Thierry Mugler and Uniqlo) connection and bond! Prime example of faith and someone believing in someone and truly changing their life. This story isn’t about age, its about Rick Genest being unique and shaking up the fashion industry and inspiring an artist.

I will meet and work with both of these men one day. They inspire me more than they can imagine!

-Jerris Madison

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